Oakville’s best Super Bowl Party

The Patriots versus the Eagles.  Yes, the ultimate sports day is here.  This Sunday, February 4th, 2018 Monaghan’s Pub and Grill will be hosting a fantastic private Oakville Super Bowl Party.

Great prizes, cold beer, great cocktails and awesome food (including Monaghan’s famous wings). Join the crowd and reserve a table for your group.

Not only will you have a chance to WIN over $5000 in prizes you can have some bonus fun at your table. Check out these fun games happening in the crowd throughout the Super Bowl.

Top 10 fun Bets for the Super Bowl

  1. Coin Toss – Heads or Tails
  2. Bandage – will Tom Brady have one on his right hand yes or no
  3. Anthem Length (PINK will be singing) Over or Under 120 seconds
  4. Colour of Gatorade thrown on winning coach
  5. Will Donald Trump attend the game- yes or no
  6. Justin Timberlake’s first song during the halftime show?
    Can’t Stop The Feeling! +150
    Sexyback +175
    Rock Your Body +400
    Cry Me A River +500
    Mirrors +550
    Filthy +750
    True Colours +800
    Love Never Felt So Good +900
    What Goes Around…Comes Around +1000
    Senorita +1250
    Suit & Tie +1500
    Any Other Song +200
  7. Will Britney Spears make a halftime show appearance? Yes or NO.
  8. Will Janet Jackson make a halftime show appearance? Yes or No.
  9. The total number of Donald Trump tweets during the game? Over or Under 2.5
  10. Best place to attend a Super Bowl Party in Oakville?  Monaghans and no other (ok…we made this one up)


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To be part of the fun, you will need to pick up a  ticket at Monaghan’s located at 1289 MARLBOROUGH COURT, OAKVILLE, ONTARIO (directly across the street from Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus) or call 905-842-4435 for details.  Full contact info can be found here.