UFC 217 Live at Monaghan’s Pub in Oakville

It’s been a good year for fights. This past August a UFC fighter jumped in the boxing ring for a match that created excitement for UFC die-hards, boxing enthusiasts, and even non-fight fans. Monaghan’s Sports Pub and Grill showed the fight to a packed crowd where Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in a highly entertaining match.

Well, it’s fight night again at Monaghan’s. This Saturday, November 4th, 2017 all screens will be showing UFC 217 where Georges St-Pierre will take on Michael Bisping.

OK, don’t worry, the Leafs will be on a few TV’s so you won’t miss any NHL hockey.

Here is a bit of background on the fighters for UFC 217 at Monaghan’s in Oakville.

Georges St-Pierre has not fought in 4 years. His opponent has the most wins in UFC history. Plus GSP had to move up a weight class to fight for the middleweight title.

In case you did not know, Georges St-Pierre is Canadian, and Monaghan’s will be jammed with true fans cheering on our home country fight hero.

Quick facts on both fighters:

Michael Bisping

  • AGE 38
  • HEIGHT 6’2″
  • WEIGHT 185 lbs

Georges St-Pierre

  • AGE   36
  • HEIGHT   5’10”
  • WEIGHT   170 lbs

You can read more about this matchup here.

Get to Monaghan’s Sports Pub and Grill located at 1289 Marlborough Court in Oakville Ontario early and grab a table. There will be a small cover charge of $10 to enter this pay per view event.

Check out Monaghan’s full menu here and you won’t be disappointed when you try Monaghan’s famous wings, ribs, nachos, pizza burgers and much much more.

For more details, please call 905-842-4435. Look forward to seeing you for UFC 217 at Monaghan’s this Saturday, November 4th, 2017.